Our list seems very difficult to end, however these things are exciting and can’t wait to have all of them done!

6.     Walking in Hoi An at night

Hoi An is a touristy town. But it doesn’t make this town less beautiful and unique. You will find this town is full of tourists during the year but mainly in the center of the old town. During the day, this town is not impressive, but at night, it changes to another person. All the light will light up in many lanterns, and it makes the whole town sparkling.  You will see many photos that capture many stores full of lanterns or a long street so bright with these. At night, the center town will be forbidden only for walking so you can slowly walk around, visit tons of souvenir shops or taste the local foods next to the street. Hoi An’s food is pretty sweet so it would be great if you can try some of their delicious soup like Mung Bean sweet soup or sweet grapefruit soup.

Lantern is a common decoration on the street in Hoi An (Photo by wuestenigel on Foter.com / CC BY)

To make it more interesting, you can join a class to learn how to make a traditional lantern in the morning and use it to go around at night. This class will be excited for your kids if you are traveling with them.

7.     Have yourself a tailor-made suit/Ao Dai in Hoi An

But the best thing in Hoi An, in my opinion, will be clothed. Many of my foreigner friends told me that it’s not cheap to have a tailor-made suit in their home, and they are shocked to know how good and reasonable that Hoi An Tailor can offer.

In Hoi An, there are many good tailor stores, and you can choose any store that you like the best. They make the suite pretty fast, and if you can wait, you can leave your next destination with your hotel address, and they will deliver the suits to you. For all men, at least you need one tailor suits in your wardrobe.

Ao Dai is one of many symbols of Vietnam (Photo by lengocdung on Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND)

But for women, Ao Dai will be the best choice. Vietnamese traditional Ao Dai has been recognized in many countries and by many famous designers. This outfit is comfortable to wear on many occasions and would never be out of trend. Local designers have made many updates to Ao Dai to make it more suitable for modern world or your hometown. After all, if you can bring home an excellent outfit and it represented the place you visit, it will be a great story to share with your friends at home.

8.     Crawl through the complicated Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels are an intricate work of Vietnamese soldier in our war to regain independent. I understand that history is critical and you should learn it. However, when introducing about my country, I would love to share to others what beautiful and great things that we have done and not focus too much on the war, the lost and others poor things.

Crawling in Cu Chi Tunnels is a really interesting experience (Photo by dronepicr on Foter.com / CC BY)

I’m proud of the Cu Chi Tunnels because, during that time, when everything is limited, it’s so incredible that people could make it happened. The tunnels system is really complicated and so long to explore them all. Vietnamese soldier had also created many rooms inside it actually to live under these tunnels. Nowadays, they have extended some part of the tunnels to make it wider for tourists can be inside.

On the ground, besides some souvenir shop, there is a shooting area where tourists can try to shoot some assault rifles and guns, such as the famous AK-47 of Vietnam or the M16 rifle.

TO BE CONTINUED… our next post will be the last for this seri so don’t miss it to complete your list!