Finally, we have reached our end of this journey, but don’t worry, we will have further post to share with you about traveling in Vietnam.

9.     Cruise in Mekong Delta

Unlike Halong Bay tours, cruises in Mekong Delta are a smaller boat, and there are two types of them – one for overnight and one for a day trip. In Mekong Delta, it’s better to make a day trip because you have already spent one night on the boat at Halong Cruises. Also, the day trip is pretty included every signature activities for you.

Cruising through small canals in Mekong Delta

The boat trip in Mekong Delta is different, especially its feeling and how you interact with local people. Halong Bay Tours are focusing on the bay while in Mekong Delta, the tours focus on the cultural and local people. You can observe how local people live in their boat; trading at the floating market; have a hot bowl of noodle right on the river or enjoy the fresh fruits.

Moreover, you can have a chance to cycle around the local village and interact with the local people. Chatting with a veteran to learn about the war and history; challenge your skills to make a rice paper; go into a brick stove for a closer look, and learn how the local people use everything of the coconut tree in their life. If you love coconut, Mekong Delta will be your true heaven.

Inside a brick stove in Ben Tre

10.     Spend couple days at the heavenly Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island is the biggest island in Vietnam, and it’s more than just a place to enjoy the beautiful beaches. It has many places for you to go around and visit, such as the pepper and Sim gardens; the local dog farm, Phu Quoc prisons, and Suoi Tranh Complex. And we cannot miss the beautiful beach at Bai Sao, the most beautiful beach on the whole island.

Phu Quoc is the real heaven in Vietnam with beautiful beaches and interesting tours activities (Photo by amsfrank on / CC BY-NC)

Located at the end of Vietnam, Phu Quoc will be a suitable place for you to end your trip in Vietnam with a couple of days to rest before getting back home. You now can take international flight directly from this island, so it’s easier to put this island at the end of this list.


Vietnam still has many things to do and see, but within this list of top 10 things to do in Vietnam, I hope that you might find something interesting to create your list and it should not be only ten things (lol). Everything you do in Vietnam is worth, and it should be in your top things to do. Wish you have an unforgettable trip to Vietnam!