Top 10 things to do in Vietnam – Chapter 3

Our list seems very difficult to end, however these things are exciting and can’t wait to have all of them done! 6.     Walking in Hoi An at night Hoi An is a touristy town. But it doesn’t make this town less beautiful and unique. You will find this town is full of tourists during the year but mainly in the center of the old town….

Top 10 things to do in Vietnam – Chapter 2

Continue our journey in Vietnam, here are new things to be written in your to-do list in Vietnam. 3.     Do a food tour on foot in Hanoi Vietnam is a real paradise for food lovers, and Hanoi will be the royal palace in that paradise. Hanoi’s food is well known for elegance and creative when Hanoian has its flavors and also learns from other areas…

Why Renea chooses Bai Tu Long Bay

Researching about cruises in Halong Bay by first time travelers, they actually don’t really have much knowledge about her topographical and legend. Frankly speaking, almost everyone knows the Bay through the recognition of UNESCO as a world heritage or by rumors sharing from friends or family. But the true is Halong bay is only the name which represent for a huge area contains more than…

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