Why Renea chooses Bai Tu Long Bay

Why Renea chooses Bai Tu Long Bay

September 11, 2023 2023-09-11 0:15

esearching about cruises in Halong Bay by first time travelers, they actually don’t really have much knowledge about her topographical and legend. Frankly speaking, almost everyone knows the Bay through the recognition of UNESCO as a world heritage or by rumors sharing from friends or family. But the true is Halong bay is only the name which represent for a huge area contains more than 1900 limestone islands and caves. By its own fairy tale, the area devices into 3 differences bay and the core bay – Halong bay is surrounded by 2 other bay (Lan Ha bay and Bai Tu Long bay). Each of them has a difference in beauty and terrain.

Eventually, when you visit Halong Bay, most tours or Suggestions will guide you to Halong Bay because of the recognition of UNESCO and famous. But after many decades of being so famous, the consequence is extremely hustle and bustle in all over the bay. You need to queue in an endless line to visit Amazing Cave or only can stand in a square meter on the beach at Titov Island when visiting during peak-season (from November to next April). Even in low season, it’s still pretty crowded in this bay.

Nowadays, tourists tend toward to Lan Ha Bay for a shorter time on bus and a luxury experience on stainless cruises. However, the itinerary is a little bit plain and the price will hurt your wallet a lot.

Especially in Bai Tu Long Bay, the bay has fewer tourists and cruises and has a good balance for either calm or active tourists. The kayaking area is fresh and large and the fishing village is quite interesting to learn and interact with local people. Specially, when you go to Bai Tu Long Bay, signal is completely out of range so you can spend all the time with your lovers and family.

At the end of the day, you will find all three bays are worth to pay a visit. If you have enough time and budget, visiting all of them is not a bad decision. They do look similar the outside but the atmosphere of the bay, the fresh air and the laziness you have are worth trying. However, not all of us have time so if you can choose only one bay to go, I highly recommend Bai Tu Long Bay for a better first experience

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