Top 10 things to do in Hanoi (end)

6.    Try local beer in a local area

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In Vietnam, we are not looking for the best beer to drink. When we ask someone out for a beer, we simply want to talk with them, comfortable and could be a bit of rude to be more relaxing. Most men are found in local beer restaurant but sometimes, there is a woman too but they will be much more polite. Sitting with local people and enjoy a glass of local beer will let you go deeper into our street culture.

7.    Taste the street food

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It’s obvious that we cannot drink beer without eating anything else. And it will be a huge mistake if you miss the street foods at street vendors in Vietnam. For many locals, some street vendors offer a better dish than any famous restaurant in town. Don’t be afraid to try these foods with a Hanoi street food tour, they are absolutely amazing and safe for you to eat. A small tip is trying the food from the most crowded vendors. It could be wrong sometimes but still a good place to start.

8.    Visit the narrow alleys in Bat Trang Ceramic Village

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Bat Trang Ceramic Village is a traditional craft village in Hanoi and it’s very easy to get there. You can buy much unique ceramic stuff in there, try to make one by yourself or paint a statue and take it back home. Moreover, the best thing about Bat Trang Village is that it still keeps the original layout of the village with many narrow alleys, charcoal on walls and three main temples of a traditional village. Highly recommended!

9.    Visit the One Pillar Pagoda

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If you don’t know, One Pillar Pagoda is the symbol of Hanoi from the beginning. Hanoi Radio and Television use the image of One Pillar Pagoda as its icon. Hanoian considers this pagoda is an icon of this city too. This pagoda is not big but it has a unique design among all pagodas in Vietnam. The story behind is interesting too. This pagoda lies inside the Ho Chi Minh Complex so it’s easy for you to drop by.

10.    Eating “Rolling Pho” instead of Pho

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Pho is overpromoted and it’s even not the best street food in Hanoi. If you prefer something elegant and less fat than Pho, I would like to introduce to you “Rolling Pho”. So delicious and much healthier than the original.


Hanoi is a young and dynamic city to explore and honestly, you don’t have to follow tour and experience with  Hanoi by Locals” list. Explore it your own way and create your own list of five, ten or even more things to do in Hanoi and share it with others.

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